Biographical Highlight of Pastor Terrance Fitzgerald Trammell

Pastor: Greenwood #1 Baptist Church
Little Terrance Fitzgerald Trammell probably had no idea that there was a hit out on him as a 3rd grader.  Although he went down in the water as a happy-go-lucky elementary student who played on the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana’s Mooretown “hood,” he came up as a man that God himself had already “put a hit out on.”  For Jeremiah 3:15 tells us, “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”
Terrance, born the son of a deceased Baptist minister – W. C. Trammell – accepted Christ as a fresh, impressionable 8 year old at the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA, which is still his church home.  When Terrance emerged from that baptismal pool, though anointed and to be eventually appointed, he was still in the 3rd grade.  So one of his first mandates as a born-again Christian came from his mother, Ms. Lucy Trammell . 
That mandate - from the recent college graduate and Head start instructor - was “go to school.”  As one of the persons he most admires, Ms. Trammell serves as the fertilizer for her son’s spirituality – having always poised herself as a model of Christianity for Terrance and his five siblings.

Terrance, a native of Shreveport, LA, which is bordered by the Dallas, TX, metropolis, attended grade school at Mooretown Elementary, 7th and 8th grades at Bethune Junior High School, and finished at Southwood High School, where he excelled as a track athlete.  He is currently completing his secondary education at Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary and will receive his BA Degree in Theology.   

Terrance officially enhanced his name with the title of Reverend in April of 1985 when he was licensed.  He was ordained exactly 5 years later in April 1990.  He is currently the anointed pastor/teacher of the rapidly growing Greenwood Baptist Church #1.  Pastor Trammell uses a skillful blend of a contemporary, realistic presentation and ample wit,
sprinkled with a hint of the traditional, missionary Baptist gospel flavor to effectively deliver God’s Word to
any in his presence.  This man full of life can also be heard proclaiming the Word of Life daily, broacasting
on area Radio Stations that can be heard throughout, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. 
    Incorporating such diversity into his ministerial style enables him to accomplish the mission penned
for his church family:  “To win the lost by faith and not by force.”
His opportunities for evangelism are literally with him throughout the day as he tirelessly works as the
Director of the Salvation Army Merkle Center of Hope Homeless Shelter, where he talks and walks God’s
Word – serving as his brother’s keeper.
A man of God who keeps this pace for God needs to be kept also.  Reverend Trammell finds
that safety net in his favorite scripture, Isaiah 26:3-4, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee . . . “  His lovely wife Anna Trammell, who shares his love for
God’s people, serves as an earthly keeper for him.  She too has received and answered
God’s calling to spread His Word and feed His flock.  She not only acts as a supportive
helpmate but doubles as a God-rearing parent to the couple’s five children: Derrell, Ebony,
DeMarcus, Jared, and William.
As a tangible testimony to his future plans to “grow the ministry,” Pastor Trammell is
ascending even higher to the Kingdom’s territorial peak.  God has blessed him with a
horizontal vision, which inspires him to reach out and abroad.  To begin accomplishing
that goal, he has founded Harmony Faith Ministries. 
His desire to achieve such growth for God’s kingdom and his thirst for knowledge is due
to the inspiration from homegrown legends Dr. Murphy L. Hunt and Bishop Fred A.
Caldwell, as well as the likes of Bishop James Dixon.  Dr. Hunt, pastor of the mighty
Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA, is Reverend Trammell’s pastor. 
Bishop Fred A. Caldwell is Senior Pastor/Teacher of the acclaimed Greenwood Acres Full
Gospel Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA.  Bishop James Dixon is author, motivational speaker,
and world-renowned Pastor of the Community of Faith mega-church of Houston, TX.

When this captain in God’s army is not delivering spiritual nourishment to the troops, he
may be found receiving physical nourishment from his favorite dish – a simple bowl of rice
and good ol’ seasoned brown gravy.

That’s Reverend Terrance Fitzgerald Trammell – a plain, down-to-earth Man of God

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